Ahmedabad is home to several international schools which provide quality education to students. As parents, you can set up your child's future by planting them in the right environment. 


Whether your child is changing schools or you have moved to a new city, the stress of choosing the perfect school can sometimes be overwhelming! 


A new system of schooling means new opportunities, competition, and requirements. Consequently, we have listed a few schools in this blog providing quality education to make your research smooth sailing. 


Education has changed in the last century. It used to be about scoring well on standardized tests. Today it goes beyond that and includes global evaluation techniques. 


Education becomes an integral part of every student's life when their secondary education progresses into higher levels, such as university studies where critical thinking skills will help them succeed academically too! Below are a few top schools in Ahmedabad that you can look into:


  1. Global International Indian School (GIIS): GIIS is a multi-award-winning school offering a holistic framework that nurtures 21st-century skills. Its innovative educational approach and academic excellence are well-known, making it the best secondary school with international curricula. It aims to prepare students for their higher education with a vision of International learning standards. Widely recognized for its world-class campus and brilliant infrastructure, it also aims at developing a positive environment among students.


  Some of the top reasons to choose GIIS are:


  • Dynamic Holistic framework
  • Variety of Extracurricular activities
  • A wide range of skill-based education
  • Global citizen scholarship


  1. Ahmedabad International School: AIS provides a flexible learning framework with a wide variety of subjects. With comprehensive technology integration programs, learning is made relevant, engaging, and personalized. Flexibility in curriculum allows students to have infinite choices.


Some top reasons to choose AIS are:


  • Personalized learning experience
  • Holistic development
  • Flexible curriculum
  • IGCSE offering


  1. Delhi Public School: Affiliated under the CBSE board, DPS is committed to providing education that fosters personality, love, compassion, and self-belief. The secondary school year program allows a student to analyze, evaluate and be creative. Various activities such as music, dance, and performance art boost students' skills and confidence. 


Some top reasons to choose DPS are:


  • Fascinating curricular activities
  • Standard Education
  • The international student Award program


  1. Prakash Higher Secondary School: This school follows the idea of teaching quality education through truth, goodness, and beauty. The school teaches leadership skills, instills honor and dignity, and promotes a sense of moral responsibility. The institute, which is recognized and affiliated with CBSE, has initiated a number of training programs for students.

Some top reasons to choose Prakash School are:

  • Rich, valuable education
  • Affordable fee structure
  • Friendly teachers and faculty
  1. St. Kabir School: Offering both CBSE and Gujarat state curriculum, it is committed to providing high-quality education from pre-primary to 12th grade. St. Kabir ensures the overall development of students by exposing them to a broad spectrum of learning environments. The most noteworthy feature of the school is that it exposes students to societal traditions and cultures, preparing them for future challenges. In order to make young minds more community conscious, extracurricular activities are combined with social service tasks and groups.
  • Standard facilities
  • Unique social-driven curriculums
  • Heritage learning with a modern vision

With some of the best schools listed above, you must take your time and choose the school which suits you and your children's needs. However, make sure you opt for an institute that encourages your child to grow, learn, and focus on overall development. Every grade at school contributes towards preparing your child to face future challenges. We hope our blog was informative to help you find a suitable fit, and we're confident you'll make the right choice!