Today, seventeen years later, the game history of two different world records is created by EVE Online.

Players from all over the world, including the largest multiplayer PvP battle and most of the participants who participated in the multiplayer video game PvP battle at the same time, will come together on October 6 to grab the title. This is a furious battle called FWST-8 involving 8825 players. At the peak, 6557 people played the game at the same time.

This event was recognized for setting the Guinness World Record. This is a battle involving the PAPI alliance, wanting to Buy EVE Echoes ISK establish a beachhead Keepstar and gain the territory of the Empire State Building. After 14 hours of fighting, the battle destroyed nearly 7,000 ships and cost 1.443 trillion Iceland Krona.

EVE Online has existed for more than 20 years, so it is quite normal to get achievements in the game industry. This battle, recognized as one of the largest and most costly battles in all games, lasted 21 hours and was hailed as the bloody battle of B-R5RB. The Museum of Modern Art has exhibited this game, and all historical achievements have been recorded.

Last year, the first person to explore all accessible systems in the game in EVE without any battle losses was Guinness. This EVE Echoes ISK is a great achievement. There are 7,805 reachable solar systems in New Eden.

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The development momentum of large-scale MMORPGs will continue for many, many years, and we have more and more opportunities to break more records. This game is played by many players, so the difficulty of this game is also certain. Many novice players will feel a little lost in this process, but don't worry. MMOWTS is a very safe and reliable website, and the EVE Echoes ISK on this website also seems to be very cheap.