Satta King 786 To free a person from all forms of power. Because they believe that for the full development of a person, he should be free from all kinds of external control and clouds. The speculative king 786 mainly wants to be liberated in three types of power. Speculative King 786 To free the individual from the yoke of the capitalists in the form of production, because whatever the producer produces in his labor, the capitalist takes away all the profit of it and tries to keep the workers always workers.

Speculative Satta King 786 To free the person from the clutches of the state as a citizen, because by bringing all kinds of obstacles in the natural development of the person, only a few people get a chance to develop and these people are like the people of the exploiting class. As long as there is no freedom from the state along with the survey, there will be no freedom from the control and exploitation of the special officer class.

Speculative King 787 To free the individual from the sovereignty of God and the traditional authority of religion as a moral queen. By creating fear of God, discussing through religion numbers and being abbot has not made a person less subordinate. A person should also be free in his mental state for his all-round development in which the contractors of that religion can rob under the guise of religion and fear of God should not hinder him moral and religious in the fulfillment of his duties.

Satta King 786 is an unnecessary institution of the state. And his works are performed by 16 communities far better than him. So there is no need of state. According to Satta King 786 the state is an evil because it leads to moral degradation of a person by taking away his liberty. All speculative kings oppose 786 state.

According to Speculative King 786, everything in the world belongs to every power and if every man uses his share necessary in production, then he also has the right to receive his share of this public property. The state still considers this part to be just, so the end of such a state and its government is certain. The state has prevented Preeti from taking her share according to labor and has helped only a small number of powerful persons to dream the whole share. Thus Satta King 786 believes that the state has always done injustice to the workers by taking the side of the capitalists. Law making in Black Satta King is in favor of the rich and against the poor in almost all the countries. Therefore, the property of the state is necessary to protect the economic interests of the common man. The speculative king 786 rejects the state as an outright sentimental one.

They say that human beings are cooperative and PK seal by nature. If there is any kind of pressure on them, then they can lead life by keeping good tradition, but the pressure of the power of the state hinders their work. The power of the state destroys their natural cooperative tendency by creating a wall of class diversity as ruler and ruled. Speculative King 786 According to him the state has no real use and this selfishness can make one dead. The arguments in favor of its usefulness are all powerless and baseless. For example, from the point of view of protection from customer invasion, the state is also not needed because the organized armies of the state are always defeated by the invading armies and in such a situation only the public movement and organization of the people drives the foreign power away. Since 9 people are unable to protect,

What is the need of them?

The power of the people's revolution is enough, the state has not been successful so far in stopping the crimes. Similarly, all human activities like art, literature, science, business, etc., are better developed by human cooperation through voluntary organizations without state intervention.

Speculative King 786 is of the opinion that human values ​​are a moral and freedom loving creature but the power of the state acts to eliminate or relax these moon masterpieces of man and make the power selfish and immoral. In the words of the Black Satta King, Shakti corrupts those who operate it and corrupts them too who are forced to accept it. It makes the rulers mister and generates the tendency of slavery among the general public. The speculative king 786 has also opposed the state on historical grounds. Kropotkin says that even from the historical point of view, the state appears to be useless because even before the origin of the state, human beings used to live a free and happy life in groups, the state has always opposed new ideas and reforms and is in the way of progress and reform. has hindered.

The Satta King 786 is a nirguna institution being based on state binding power. It makes laws arbitrarily and enforces them immaculately on the people. Presented as a nirguna institution, the state was depressed to the individual and inflicted moral degradation. Speculative King 786 The power of the regime leads to the downfall of both the ruled and the ruler. The power of the state on one hand makes the ruling class selfish, egoistic and judgmental and on the other hand, it makes the ruled class slaves, heroic and indifferent.

Speculative King 786 has opposed all kinds of means considering them against the freedom and moral nature of the individual. He is of the opinion that democracy, like the night system and the oligarchy, is in the real sense the rule of a few individuals and is also anti-people. Satta King 786 is of the view that no one person can represent another person in everything. Audio minutes are selected for a limited time on a specific topic, but these representatives make their own decisions in each and all cases.

It is possible for the government to take public opinion on every question and most important work is done and decisions are taken by a handful of power holders without public support. A representative government also acts like a Nirguna ruler in most of the functions. The only thing that happens is that people are ruling, this is deceit and a lie. Such representative government, professional politicians, professionals, money work, pious businessmen, who live on human weaknesses and promote them, because if they are weak or not, they will not be able to act in the name of law making, justice and policy. The society's cattle ranchers go to the society suck the blood of Speculative King 786 Accusing the anarchist view of governance, Black Speculative King wrote that representative government is a government of persons who know a little about everything to do everything poorly but Anything needed to function properly does not have sufficient knowledge. Speculative King 786 believes that man is a social and cooperative animal from birth, who takes full care of his own interests as well as the interests and equal benefits of others.

According to him the elements of fear, hunger and struggle are predominant in human beings, but the elements of love, sympathy and freedom are predominant. Satta King 786 is a supporter of Aksharas in disastrous result of personal property. They believe that the world is sitting in the exploiting and exploited classes and that the capitalists and industrialists exploit the working class and the more individual capital grows, the more exploitation takes place. It is necessary to change the whole system of society in such a way that there is development for all and no class should live on the income of others. Therefore, the end of the capitalist system is necessary and for this all kinds of revolutionary means can be adopted.

According to Satta King 786, the driving force of social life is cooperation, not competition or selfishness The cooperation seen between the ants and the bees is not the result of the sovereignty of a kingdom, but the result of the collective spirit of these little creatures, and when low-order creatures can co-exist without any ancestral control, then why is it wise? Can't do this about socialist arrears often The statement is quoted. The black speculative king had said, open the concorde and shake them vigorously by putting them in the box, these pebbles will deposit themselves in such a way that if a person is given the task of depositing them in such a beautiful way, he will never take them. Will be able to Satta King 786 In a chaotic state, every person will work according to his will and power, but he will get as much labor as can fulfill his need. The basis of production will be power, capacity and desire while the basis of distribution will be need. Satta King 786 wants that the system of society should be such in which the needs of all are fulfilled.

It is also believed that due to the excessive use of machines, there is no more need for manual labor. With a little work, so much can be produced that even if someone wants to do the work, yet his needs can be met. By the way, an ordinary man can never intentionally sit in a nathala because human being is active in nature. He finds comfort in working. That's why people will switch off work. Speculative King 786 Thinker Religion A Religious Hypocrisy Condemning Neminath Rates.

According to the opinion of delhi satta king , religious authority orders man to have faith in God. In this way it weakens man's own dignity and importance and self-confidence, but it makes him tall and prominent and fatalistic. Other phone institutions can't stand this in opposition to it Exploitation and atrocities are encouraged in human society. Speculative King 786 Religion is also harmful to man because it reinforces superstitions and fantasies in him. His intelligence restrains the latter. That's why the birds wrote that believing in God is stupid and cowardice. God cane is a lie. God is tyrannical and the opposite, God is evil. Satta King has opposed religion in 786 on the basis of scientific and spiritual reasons. According to his mother, there seem to be two purposes of religion. First Interpretation of Natural Events Any arbitrarily bad interpretation of these events by religion is invalid because it was all scientific.

The second purpose is to decide on such a moral system, which takes advantage of the ignorance and beliefs of the common people, to inculcate in them a sense of calmly accepting the unjust system of society. This system is selfish, immoral and harmful to the society. The speculative king 786 has envisioned the state there, the religion there and the private property there and the society According to him, the entire system of society and its management will be based on decentralization. Earlier, the market has said that anarchism is an argument in favor of decentralization primarily and primarily in both regional and commercial spheres. There will be many independent and V clips at the local level and in collaboration with them, the district will be organized at the provincial and national level. The nature of the whole society will be federal.

A member of the local group would be interested. Vivin will assist the interested union person. There will be lack of binding power in this society and there will be relations of love and cooperation between the individuals. Speculative King 786 There is a difference of opinion between Philosopher and Materialism Speculative King 786 about the means of establishment of society. Black Satta King Star Mahatma Gandhi etc. believe in the purity and superiority of both ends and means. He is of the opinion that only with the help of love, non-violence, a power can be established there and the non-violent Black Satta King society can be established. Baku Sleep and Crop Tonic etc. are of the view that only with the help of revolutionary and violent means liberation can be achieved in the state and other binding institutions and only then can an independent ideal speculative society be established.

What is the criticism of Satta King 786?

The speculative king 786 sees the state as a symbol of power and an institution of oppression and exploitation and is also indifferent to the public welfare side of the state. Speculative King 786 is of the opinion that by ending the freedom of the individual, the state causes moral degradation. But the reality is that in the absence of the state the freedom of the individual will be lost. In this context, Aristotle's statement is more acceptable that the state is born to protect the life of the individual and he is always a scholar for the attainment of life. If the power of the state is used under control for public welfare, then the state can prove to be a useful instrument in the uniform of public interest. In such a situation, the state should be called a positive good rather than a vice.

The speculative king 786 wants to end the kingdom which is both possible and justified. The matter of limiting the powers of the state is understandable, but the point of abolishing it is absolutely incomprehensible. With the existence of the state, the social economy is so high, in its absence there will be anarchy in the society and there will be a state of powerful and anti-social elements. Booty suit invasion killing and carnage will be dominated all around. In the absence of the state, fish justice will be established among the human society.

The speculative king 786 has described the state as such an emotional and unnatural institution. This whole concept of his is godly. In contrast to Black Speculation, Plato and Aristotle's view is true that the state itself is inherent in human nature and therefore the state is a natural natural institution for man. Satta King 786 is a flight of fancy. It is very easy to glorify the nature of man and sweetly imagine his ideal society, but it is very difficult to realize the fiery imagination. Since time immemorial, man has been imagining the creation of a dead society, ac and griffin and exploitation. But in practice the need of the state is becoming more and more inevitable.

He could not eliminate the state, just as the development of man is not possible by controlling the state excessively on the individual, in the same way its proper development is not possible without it. The speculative king 786 wants to destroy the existing state and capitalist system by violent revolution and use all means of bomb world bullet and murder to build a new society and run the new society on the strength of love, goodwill and cooperation. The question arises whether the murderers Will Bam Baaz and Goli Baaz be able to create a non-violent and cooperative society? Violence increases with violence, it does not decrease, so the society whose new violence would have been placed on it, its sister-in-law will not be lovers.

Satta King 786 believes that human is a divine being endowed with the instinct of cooperation by nature. But experience has shown that human nature has two sides. The divine side and the demonic side. Both these aspects are found in common in every person, if there can be difference in their ratio, hence Satta King 786 has a single belief that fundamentally man is divine. The belief of Satta King 786 that the state and its laws are responsible for the vices that occur in human nature. His statement is inappropriate. The state cannot be held responsible for every defect of man. Practical experience shows that for the purity of human character, society is more responsible than the state and law, family education and customs of the country etc. The allegation of Psatta King 786 that the state has done the work of moral destruction of human beings in history 20 The absolute truth is that the entire development of civilization and culture has taken place under the authority of the state. Speculative King In 786 everything that happened in the history of humanity from the good Pacific to the present day can only be possible in a governed and organized society. The speculative satta king 786 can be very justified because of the revolution and the workers who want the revolution can also be very true to their feelings and friendly to the workers but once the revolution starts the situation is no longer under their control. It is not necessary that only those who want revolution should be the leaders of revolution. The result of the French Revolution is added, it is in front of everyone, so the anarchists dream of the creation of a cooperative society after the revolution, it can also be a dull dream.

Satta King 786 Why was the state formed?

Everyone believes that at some point the drug must have spread in every society, the speculative king 786, in which all things and life must have been disordered. If there would have been more suspicion for this, then it will be necessary even today. A. Whether by eliminating some states, external aggression cannot be stopped until all the states in the whole world are eliminated simultaneously. If even a single state remains, it will always use its power over the people, and the state of anarchy will turn into anarchy.

There is no such plan with the speculative black satta king 786 that in which the kingdoms of the whole world can be wiped out like magic in a single moment, so only in some areas the work of ideology is sub-optimal. The speculative king 786 does not decide any plan for the creation of the Bawri society, he is satisfied only by the beautiful imagination of the survey neem era. It does not make any sense for them to say that when the state disappears, the creation of a new society will automatically begin to materialize. The speculative king 786 has been unable to tell which authority would organize the teachers after the destruction of the state and how the conflicts between different individuals and communities would be caused. The speculative king 786 thus could not explain its purpose.

Satta King 786 If you have to work according to your wish, then you must come and attack because it will be possible in this society. Their need will be fulfilled, but the question is that if every man does arbitrary work, then how will the production be so high that everyone's need can be fulfilled. Due to the personal wealth of the speculative king 786, there was a lot of economic disparity, but there are many blessings of personal property too. The development of great things of literature, art, philosophy and science was done only by the capitalist system. With the boon of science, all the people have become newly born. Property is not bad in itself, bad it is misused, so if man is so good and cooperative in his nature as speculative king 786 believes, then why is the benefit of property not given to the whole society in the spirit of this cooperation. B Mahatma Gandhi's theory of view points to this point. The speculative king 786 considers religion as an instrument of exploitation of the poor in the hands of the daily class which cannot be accepted. In fact, religion is the nurturer of human policy and its spiritual side is as useful as the material side of human life.