Slow computers can be irritating and lead to unproductive work. Obviously, every high-quality pc will need repair and replacements as everything has an expiry date. Most common pc issues are slow pc, battery failure or lack of storage. In this case, you might need to replace any of the PC Components to enhance the smoother performance. Are you looking for a faster computer but aren't sure what to upgrade? To find out, keep on reading our blog to update your system accordingly!

  1. Upgrade RAM

The simplest and most accessible option to enhance your PC is to add extra memory. It's inexpensive, can be done on practically any computer, and doesn't require any technical knowledge. If your laptop supports it, it's also one of the better upgrades you can do. Almost all slow PCs can be recovered from a RAM increase, which provides an immediate performance boost. If you want to work the certain software properly then you might have enough RAM in your system.

  1. Upgrade graphics card

You must upgrade your graphics card if you're a serious gamer. You might not need to improve it at all if you aren't a hard-core gamer, 3D modeller, or 3D animator. If you require greater graphics performance for gaming or VR work, a Radeon RX 5700-XT will provide a significant improvement. You can check the performance of your system by comparing various graphics cards to meet your gaming requirements.

  1. Buy faster storage drive

If you've done everything you can to free up space on your hard drive and you're still running out, you'll need to upgrade to a larger one. A full hard disc not only makes it impossible to save fresh data, but it can also slow down performance. At the very least, leave 10GB free for the operating system to work with.

  1. Upgrade your processor

Processor improvements are significantly more involved than the other modifications. It's not only more difficult to install physically, but it's also one of the more expensive improvements.

  1. Update any software if required

It's only worthwhile to update a processor if the difference is large, such as going from an Intel Core i3 to a Core i5, or from an older generation to a newer version. Don't choose something based on its quicker clock speed. Most apps on your computer are set to update automatically. If not, you'll most likely click the Update button as soon as you're notified that new programme versions are available.


Hope you enjoyed reading the blog and found it useful for your system upgrade, consider the above points to maintain the good performance of your system. If you are looking to upgrade your system, the major areas to focus on are RAM, SSDs, and graphics cards. Ideally, you should always customise your improvements to meet your specific requirements. Taking the time to figure out where the problems are in your system can help you make the best hardware upgrade option. You can easily find the Computer Parts Online at the best deal price but make sure to purchase from the reputed store that has a return and exchange policy with a guarantee.