Pantone Color Card is a standardized color system that can identify nearly 5000 different subtle color differences and changes. This detailed color numbering system enables designers, printing manufacturers, and packaging box manufacturers to standardize and correctly match colors to overcome common color differences when using CMYK.

When you think of red, what do you think of? The range of red is very wide, and different people think differently. Maybe you think of crimson, bright red, pink, magenta, etc. In the packaging box production industry, it is far from enough to just say that red is printed when printing packaging boxes. There are even subtle differences between hue and tone.

PMS can be understood as a universal language for global color matching. When designers are designing product packaging boxes, they can match colors according to the colors in the PMS, so that the color numbers in the product packaging box design can be accurately conveyed to the packaging box suppliers. It can be seen that PMS is a kind of reference used to convey color information.

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