Psyonix currently runs lots of esports leagues, which include its leading Rocket League Championship Series, that's now in its eighth season. The success of LOLGA that league has brought about other companions asking approximately franchise opportunities. If it follows the franchise version, it'd join the ranks of other excessive-profile video games along with “Call of Duty” and “Overwatch.”

While nothing is presently inside the works, Dunham reports that franchising is something league teams have mentioned and some thing Psyonix has researched.

“We’ve been evaluating that for some time now, and whether or no longer we do it is still a question for once more, but it’s definitely something we’ve pointed out,” provides Dunham. “It’s some thing the [team] businesses had been interested by, but there’s no outright evidence that announces that is the handiest way to Buy Rocket League Items move.” “Rocket League” currently began branching out into new regions along with licensing. Psyonix lately partnered with Netflix for a “Stranger Things” in-game event for the name.