Earlier this month, Cadysneaker launched Air Sesh, this new product inspired by Cortez actually became the brand's only real "dance shoes." Fortunately, this situation will soon change with this reshaped Blazer Mid, which has many action-specific enhancements. Aesthetically, the silhouette adopts the silhouette of the original sports jacket and fills in the gaps in some new parts. This creates a more futuristic and metaphorical high-energy appearance, just like the art form itself. All colors of suede strengthen the structure from the toe to the silhouette, the former’s fixing device is attached with a larger toe cap. At the back, the back is given a leather look, gradually outwards due to the heavier padding of the collar. The brand also has subtle adjustments: the logo on the tongue label is more confusing, and the newly sewn pull label shows the elegant calligraphy "Just Do It".

For Nike umbrellas, the new silhouette is nothing new. For example, in the past few months, the brand has launched Air Sesh, a Blazer Mid '77 specifically for dancing, 2021Shoes and even a high-heeled Air Jordan 1 Low. Unfortunately, ACG and ISPA have not received the same attention, and their products have actually been discontinued. But in order to fill this gap, Swoosh launched a new treadmill: New South Wales re-registration for free. This pair of shoes comes in two colors, called "Free Terra Vista" by some retailers, and is an outdoor aesthetic display made of recycled materials. The circular design logo on the insole and tongue indicates this, and the tongue provides a breathable mesh fabric, just like the middle panels on both sides. To reinforce, these fixtures and a more robust canvas are adjacent, then armored FlyLeather is covered and rubbed against the rubber counter. Below, free tools are upgraded to deal with outdoor, improved softer midsole and traction focus tread.

New Air Force 1 Low has come a long way from its basketball origins to now. From non-functional multi-layer skirts to thick-soled skirts, Bruce Kilgore's athletic design has found a comfortable place in the fashion world. In the latest design, this watch further strengthens this "new" identity, combining a simple "black and white" color scheme with a charming silver bracelet. The newly unveiled couple is touted as a female-only pair, complementing the all-white match that appeared before. Smooth leather covers the entire low-top Air Force 1 upper, and the aforementioned glittering jewels reach the side heel. The bracelet is hung from the top hole in a non-standard ring connected to the heel cover; its charms include Nike brand, sports shoe box and basketball-related icons. The lining on the collar is made of wool to ensure more warmth and comfort than the standard version designed by Kilgore in 38 years. Under the feet, women's products maintain a "colorless" appearance.

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