Sliding lock This kind of extreme groove installation sliding door lock shell can be completely installed behind the door panel with integral installation bolts by welding, rivets or thin section buried installation cover plate. The spring-loaded door lock slider is operated from the inside or outside of the cabinet, and can be quickly opened and closed by just pushing.
Embedded push-type door lock
Features and advantages
The sliding lock is installed inside the door panel, with or without an optional cover plate outside the panel. When it is used without cover plate or optional key lock, the limitation of panel thickness is really eliminated.
Wide opening provides enough space to drive the door lock
Large locking slider, higher strength and stability, ensuring lock
Door locks that do not use cover plates can be installed by welding or using rivets or screws
Black powder coating surface treatment
The lock cylinder adopts a number of anti-theft technologies, a variety of special-shaped anti-pulling marbles, and prevents technical opening. With a unique marble and blade structure design, it has a high security performance against technical opening. The lock cylinder is equipped with precision numbered marbles and special-shaped marbles. When the numbered marbles and special-shaped marbles must be pulled at the same time when the technology is turned on, it will be automatically locked, so that the technology will be turned back without power. The lock cylinder adopts multiple combinations of a variety of special-shaped marbles, which can program up to billions of key numbers, so as to achieve zero mutual opening (one in 16 million). The lock cylinder is equipped with a side column bayonet device with lateral inward pressure, which can realize tilt and turn and greatly improve the ability to prevent violent and strong torsion.