Error code 12031 can be a bit annoying, as it appears when updating the QuickBooks or QuickBooks payroll service. This particular issue also appears due to network timeout that restricts the software from accessing the server. You would further encounter such an error, when the firewall or some other security issue appears.

To get a better insight into such an error, make sure to read this segment with such an error. Just in case you aren’t able to shun off the QuickBooks error code 12031, you can connect with our tech support team using our dedicated support number.


What instigates the QuickBooks error 12031?

There are a handful of factors leading to the QuickBooks error code 12031, which includes the following:

  • Default browser: If the internet explorer is not the default browser, then this might stop the software functioning in a proper manner and end up in such an error.
  • Internet or firewall security settings: There can be situations when the internet or firewall security settings block the connection or pages needed for the software to download an update.
  • Network timeout: If the server takes too long to respond on a command, then this issue appears.
  • Internet connection: Often the internet works on alternate connections, and this stops proper software working and leads to an issue.


Methods that can be performed to fix the QuickBooks error 12031

You can perform the below methods to fix the QuickBooks error 12031:

Method 1: Check the internet connection and firewall settings

The following can be the steps to check the internet connection and firewall settings.

  • At first the user needs to choose reset update checkbox and get updates.
  • Just in case the update is not working then check the internet connection.

  • Configure the firewall settings and internet security so that you will be able to get the updates.
  • Run Microsoft windows in the safe mode and redownload.


Method 2: Issue appeared at the time of updating Payroll

  • Launch the internet connection setup.
  • Further, select internet properties.
  • Pick the advanced tab.
  • Ensure that the advanced settings match.

  • Also, click on ok tab.
  • And shut down the window.


This QuickBooks error code 12031 can be rectified using the steps we have mentioned in above. But if in case the error persists, you need to consult our tech support team immediately using our dedicated support number i.e. 1-800-615-2347. Our QuickBooks error support team professionals will ensure to provide you with immediate tech assistance.