What are the top countries for education software development services? You might be surprised to learn that your first guess isn’t always the right one. Here’s our list of the countries with the highest demand and supply of education software development services.


1) India


India is one of the most competitive countries for E-learning software development services. There are many reasons why, but here’s a short list: India is an English-speaking country with highly-skilled programmers, excellent infrastructure, and affordable cost of living, which makes outsourcing to India appealing. Indian programmers also possess business acumen and can think out of the box to deliver solutions in addition to following standard programming protocols.


2) US


Education, like any industry, is looking for innovation, and many companies focus on developing software applications to help aid in learning. According to a report by Technavio, an information technology research company, there has been a significant increase in demand for E-learning software development services and tools.


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3) UK


In recent years, e-learning has developed into a multi-billion pound industry in Britain. Companies often dominate e-learning software development services from countries such as India and Russia. Still, British firms have a long history of success in designing and creating e-learning solutions for various industries. With an education system that ranks among some of the best in Europe, it’s no surprise that London is home to several leading e-learning software development companies.


4) Canada


Canada is often ranked as one of the best places to live, work, and play. With top-notch infrastructure, a multicultural approach to business, and a pleasant climate for much of its territory, Canada has been a natural magnet for people from around the world. Nowhere is that more evident than in Ontario’s capital city of Toronto. From health care to education software development services, many organizations have made their way northward over recent years.


5) China


In recent years, China has become a hub for e-learning software development services. In fact, in terms of global revenues, China currently holds about 40% of all international e-learning software development services revenue. What’s more, China has one of the highest numbers of developers in Asia and is responsible for an estimated 70%- 80% of total mainland-based e-learning software development companies.


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