How many people will sleep in the tent? Each tents for events will display a specific size that states one-man tent, two-man tent etc. However, this size will also change with each brand. That is to say, there’s no “industry standard” and some are more spacious than others.

For Car Camping – Size won’t be an issue when you stay on a designated campsite with a car. There’s plenty of space and you don’t need to carry the tent. This means you can pick a tent with whatever special features catch your eye. If you go wild camping and take the car, you won’t want a tent so big that it attracts attention.

For Backpacking – I recommend that you pay close attention as the size will determine the weight that you end up carrying. As a rule, I always go one size bigger. I choose a two-person tent for solo camping and a three-person tent for two people. This is because most “two-person” tents feel rather cramped and small for two people. I also prefer to have lots of space for moving around and keeping my backpack inside. I’m happy to carry that extra bit of weight on my back in order to have this extra space.

Tip – Choose 20 square feet per person for a bit more room and 15 square feet per person for something more compact.

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