The popularity of card games goes back centuries. We can find references in history books when Kings, Queens, and common people have played card games for entertainment purposes. So how do card games fare in today’s digital age?

Well, the answer they have multiplied in popularity. Thanks to the popularity of smartphones, The NineHertz as a top-rated rummy game development company has gained a huge audience base within a short time. And people are asking for more.

If you want to build an on-demand card game like rummy, you have come to the right place. In this blog, we will share all the information you need about rummy card game app development.

Of Course, the entertainment factor is a key factor driving the popularity of skill-based card game app development in India. However, other factors like a sense of dominance, the thrill of winning, and the fun part of playing with friends, family, and strangers online also play a crucial role in the popularity of skill-based card games.

Another factor that remains least highlighted is familiarity. Most people have either played card games before or have seen friends and family play them. So there is a huge online audience that is already familiar with the rules. Plus, the playing time is very short. It doesn’t take hours to finish a game of cards. And, for most people, the reason is good enough to play the game during free hours.