A unique and brand Dofus Kamas new event providing access to in-game presents for 2.x, a true and nostalgic blast from the past for 1.x, and events and gifts for everybody who supports and follows us social networks and at the forums. DOFUS is our job, but it's your match. We construct the field, but you perform on it. And this 15th anniversary is just as much yours as it is ours.

Happy anniversary to our players, both lovers and grumpy guses, to those who love us and all people who criticize us, to our PVM players and our PVP players, to all those who believe version 2.x is wondrous and all those who believe 1.29 remains the reference, into the players who've already been with us for 15 decades, the players that joined us 15 minutes past, and to everyone in between. You're our community and we all think of you with each choice we make and each evolution we grow, and we compose. Happy anniversary. THANK YOU. We love you.

I mean, I don't feel that comfortable playing now, without knowing what occurs to Dofus, in all its (servers) versions, after 2020, when Adobe will finish Cheap Kamas Dofus Retro support for Flash Player. I do not feel that comfortable investing moment, and sometimes even irl cash in a game which might simply stop offering further growth / tech-help-support/ etc.. You guys are missing a great opportunity, this anniversary, to express your plans for your future also for its various servers/ versions.