What I'm trying to convey is that the Falcons will be leading during the second half but then they'll fall. It'll almost make it seem like they've become used to Mut 22 coins this.

After a month of watching Washington and Saints I realized that I didn't have the ability to select a game featuring one of these teams. For clarity My record is embarrassingly low in choosing Saints and Washington games.

Four weeks into the season this time, I'm just 0-4 on Washington games and 0-4 selecting Saints games. They are the only two NFL teams that I have completely failed to pick this season. If math is not your thing, that means that I'm 0-8 when picking these two teams combined. This isn't possible since I'm 41-15 for the games involving 30 other teams , besides Washington and New Orleans.

Since the time I tried to convince people that "Smurfs 2 was a worthy movie" I've never been so off about any other thing. Spoiler alert: It was not a good movie and it's nowhere close to as good as buy Madden 22 coins the original "Smurfs" film which is an all-time movie classic if your like movies about tiny blue characters.