Before November 3rd, Pokemon Sword and Shield players can get the mystery gift Pokemon for free: Global Exhibition Champion Leonardo Bonanomi's Charizard. If you don't want to wait, you can buy Shiny Pokemon For Sale from PKMBuy quickly!

To get this champion Charizard, just launch your copy of Pokemon Sword or Shield, select Mystery Gift Menu - Get Mystery Gift - Use Code/Password to Obtain - Enter Password: GL0BALCHAMP2021-Profit.

Although Charmander is not the cutest Fire-type starter, this Charizard may be more powerful than most starters you have cultivated yourself. You will get it at level 100, and it has a perfect IV in every stat except for attacks, given that this is a Special Attack build, this is not an obstacle at all.

This Charizard can also be Gigantamax, with a complete Dynamax level, Timid nature, and the ability Solar Power. Increase the Special Attack statistics in clear weather, but lose some HP every round. Combined with the Life Orb it holds, this thing is a real ticking time bomb. Send it out and launch a devastating attack before it falls. 

It knows about Heat Wave and Blast Burn to make the most of the sun, and hurricanes in case any opponent tries to rain in your parade. It also has a protective function, so it can stay on the court longer.

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