China Cosmetic Package Manufacturers introduces the classification and functions of cosmetic packaging materials.

Cosmetic packaging materials are divided into simple packaging, simplified packaging, high-grade packaging, luxury packaging and other types. Simple packaging is a form of packaging for the low-end market. The main sales groups are low-income or no-income people. This type of people can buy it. Affordable, let yourself be comforted with a love of beauty and regain your confidence. Such a structured person only requires basic beauty effects, and does not pursue how noble, can make oneself look more beautiful. Simple The packaging is also more suitable for this level of category;

Streamlined packaging is aimed at the middle-end income group. This group has certain financial support and can choose better cosmetic packaging materials. Of course, the nobleness of good outsourcing is also synchronized. People can buy favorite lipsticks, Rouge powder, makeup agent, etc. can enjoy the fun and texture brought by high-end products at the same time. This is the dream pursuit of every beauty. It will not be defeated but can only be infinitely close.

High-grade packaging is a form of comparing the price of cosmetic packaging materials. People who can afford it are people with high incomes. The money is already used to enjoy life. It is not a low-grade category at all because of the connotation of high-grade cosmetic packaging materials. High-grade products can cause a small damage to human skin. Pure natural raw materials do not add any preservatives and will not harm the skin. It is safer to use, and the effect is unmatched by others. It is not in the same grade at all. This is a little Some talents can have it, and most people are limited by economic pressure and just look at it. They are discouraged and not cost-effective.

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