1. The primary maintenance of the Injection plastic mold is carried out by the production operator. The main contents of maintenance are cleaning, lubrication, and inspection.

  2. The secondary maintenance work of the mold is completed by the mold repair personnel, and records are made according to the maintenance situation. The main content of secondary maintenance:

  a. Polish the rounded corners of the mold. If there are pits, the mold should be researched and matched.

  b. Repair and restore the guide parts found to be problematic.

  c. Welding and repairing the chipped edge and collapsed edge of the die during use.

  d. Replace damaged and failed springs and other elastic parts (note the specifications and models of the springs).

  e. Replace the punch sleeves that are broken, bent, gnawed, and damaged during the use of the mold.

  f. Check whether the fastening parts are loose or damaged. If so, replace it.

  g. Check whether the pressing plate and unloading plate are damaged, and repair the damaged part if any.

  1. Check the pneumatic system for leakage; if so, repair and replace it.

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