It has only been one month since New World was released, and there are still many shortcomings. In this month Amazon Games has been working on optimizing this game. Recently, there was another update in New World with many changes, including the PVP mode that all players care about.

Changes in PVP mode in New World

An article published by Amazon Games on November 2, 2021 explains the upcoming changes in the PVP model. The main changes are PVP mark rewards and some new missions. New missions mean that PVP has increased diversity and more rewards.

Corresponding to devs, there are a number of quick, medium, and also lasting adjustments coming to PvP flagging.

“There are two changes coming in the short term that should help. The first is that we are going to increase the luck of players when flagged… Second we are going to reduce the durability damage to gear when flagged, this will reduce the risk of flagging a bit, especially in end game gear repair costs.”

“In the medium term, we will also adjust the rewards for PvP kills at 60 so they can enhance players high watermark (HWM) more… Longer term expect a new open world activity that flagged players can participate in that we hope spurs and rewards some smaller scale engagements across Aeternum.”

The formal blog post went on to speak about the developers' representations on war as well as territory control. Each of these possessed mostly favorable views from devs, nonetheless, expect some improvements to tax distribution as well as some adjusting to battles being available in the near future.

Devs have been hard at work just recently and the community has actually taken notice, creating many appreciation strings on the New World forums. 

Now the developers have solved the problems in New World, New world player trading, Mail delivery, the Trading station reopened.