The floating body of the floating clamp on the water is formed by a new PE plastic rotomolding process, and the interior is filled with solid EPS foam to increase buoyancy and use. This new type of material is lighter and more flexible for water construction, saving a lot of construction and installation technology is relatively mature, there are customers in need, the pipeline buoy can also adjust the pipeline distance freely according to the use environment on site, which is flexible and changeable. Water-floating pipeline floats can be customized according to user needs and pipeline sizes, and water-based plastic floats that meet the requirements of users can be customized. When the number of pipeline floats is large, you can choose to open molds to customize products.Floating Dock Plastic Pontoon Suppliers introduces the characteristics of pipe floats:

1. Floating body polyethylene plastic has good toughness and excellent impact resistance of the dredged floating body, especially suitable for all kinds of plastic products.
2. The buoy polyethylene plastic is light in weight, easy to install and transport, and low in transportation and transfer costs.
3. The buoy/pontoon/floating ring/buoy/floating polyvinyl plastic is corrosion-resistant and has a long life span of more than 15 years.
4. The price of polyethylene plastic float/pontoon/floating ring/buoy/float is low, which is obviously better than other types such as steel bodies.

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