Nowadays more and more container houses appear in people's vision, so today we will talk about some knowledge about expandable container houses. Let's see why container construction is so popular.

Characteristics of Container Buildings

Container modular tools used in architectural design have the characteristics of low carbon, low cost, short construction time, removable transportation, etc. At the same time, they are limited by objective conditions such as space and materials. When designing container buildings, the advantages and disadvantages of container modular tools should be fully considered, and their structural advantages should be brought into full play.

1. Container building units are convenient to transport and can be moved integrally; container composite buildings are convenient to assemble and disassemble and are especially suitable for building types with limited service life and locations that need to be replaced.

2. This kind of building is strong and durable. Its main structural units are composed of high-strength steel. It is strong and durable and has strong earthquake resistance, compression resistance and deformation resistance.

3. The sealing performance is good, and the strict manufacturing process makes the movable building have good water tightness.

4. Container building is based on integral box-type steel structure, which can derive rich combination space through splicing and combination. Such as container office, container camp, Container School, even large span space, etc.

5. The weight of the structure is lighter than that of concrete and brick-concrete structures, and the construction requires less energy consumption. At the same time, the structure is superior in performance, stable and firm, and has excellent shockproof performance.

6. Most components of container buildings can be recycled for secondary use, which greatly reduces the generation of construction waste and is low-carbon and environmentally friendly.

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