Die casting is a metal casting process that uses a cavity to apply high pressure to molten metal.

The mold is usually made of high-strength alloy. This process is somewhat similar to injection molding. Most die castings do not contain iron, such as zinc, copper, aluminum, magnesium, lead, tin and lead-tin alloys and their various radiator shells. Communication and communication optical fiber network accessories; automobile and motorcycle accessories; furniture accessories; building materials and decorative hardware accessories; food machinery, woodworking machinery and other mechanical accessories; power wire and cable optical cable accessories; motor brackets, motor housings and gear boxes; industry Sewing machine, sewing machine head shell; gas stove and stove accessories; household appliances accessories; electric tools, pneumatic tools, pneumatic tools, woodworking tool shell accessories and other mold manufacturing and die-casting processing. According to the different types of die castings, it is necessary to use a cold chamber die casting machine or a hot chamber die casting machine. Manufacturing various aluminum alloy die-casting molds, die-casting processing, post-processing and CNC processing.

When a die casting plant manages a workshop, the first thing is to plan. Planning is the main goal of any economic management work and a common feature of all modern mass production. It can make each process and even each employee have different goals, and can alternately coordinate multiple productions, so that all the elements of personnel, finance and materials are closely integrated to form a complete production system. There are plans, directions and goals for action. With a plan, there is a basis for inspection work improvement; according to the plan, the workshop does not participate in commercial activities outside the factory. The workshop plan is based on the plan released by the company and the actual resource situation of the workshop. In addition to the preliminary goals, the production plan, quality, cost control plan and equipment maintenance plan are mainly based on quarter, month, date and hour.

Of course, although China die casting factory has been constantly improving in terms of workshop management, there are still many areas to be improved, but I believe it will get better and better.