The 2020 NBA Draft was held recently, and many promising basketball players have turned their lifelong dreams into reality. Although fans can choose their own new team to participate in the rookies of NBA 2K21, it is still unclear how each of their careers will develop. In professional sports, success usually depends on the team or situation you choose. Now let us look at the new NBA rookies, these rookies have the greatest chance of success in the coming months and years. If you do not have enough ability to get them, then you can also buy NBA 2K21 MT to get help.

Aaron Nasmith
There is no doubt that Aaron Nasmith is the best shooter in the entire 2020 draft. When the Boston Celtics chose 14th, they were shocked to still see Vanderbilt's products. The Celtics are a championship team, and they need Naismith's pitch on the floor to reach the NBA Finals. Nasmith can easily become a pick stealer and become the second or third scoring king that the Celtics have been seeking to play with superstar forward Jayson Tatum.

Udoka Azubuike
Udoka Azubuike is really a human behemoth, sitting right behind the league's best defensive big man and Rudy Gobert's double defensive player of the year. There are many lingering questions about Azubic's position in the NBA today and whether he can develop offensive skills. He will sit on the bench with Jordan Clarkson walking barrels. As long as he can rebound and protect the basket, he can quickly become a member of the jazz band and find a home in the snowy mountains of Utah.

Cole Anthony
Looking at the players available in the 2020 NBA Draft, you can hardly find kids who are more diligent and passionate about basketball than Cole Anthony. The point guard from North Carolina has some problems with injuries this year and is open to his mental fatigue.

He is now a member of the Orlando Magic team, and this team provides many opportunities for young and hungry players. Anthony is talented and not outstanding in every way, but can Orlando help him reach the top? Let's wait and see. For more outstanding rookies, you can also purchase NBA 2K21 MT For Sale at the famous GameMS.

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