It is easy to be distracted by other relocation-related tasks and forget to notify the right people or institutions about your residential home move. It is essential to notify individuals and organizations about your move to avoid problems with mail and accounts. This is a list containing names and addresses of people and institutions you should contact for help when you move.


Family and friends

Tell your family and close friends that you are moving. If you're moving far away, this will give you time to say good-bye and make plans for the future and the property.


Current employer

If you are not moving to another department within your company, inform your employer immediately. Save time and complete paperwork quickly. To send you tax and insurance information at the end of the year, your old boss will need to have access to your new address.



It is important to review your lease agreement in order to understand your rights and responsibilities if you live in a rental home. You must prepare a written notice that clearly identifies your move out date and your future address. Give a brief description of the property's conditions and ask for your security deposit back.

Postal services

You should notify the United States Postal Service of your move to a new house. This will save you many headaches and inconveniences. To have your mail delivered to your new address, you can request a Address Change Request. You can complete this process online using services such as 1StopMove.


Inform your service providers about your plans to relocate to avoid service lapses and past due payments. Contact the utility companies for information about electricity, gas, and water when you move.

Government agencies

You should notify several government agencies when you move to a different state. Update your address with the Social Security Administration and other relevant agencies

Financial institutions

Keep your finances in order. You should update your bank accounts and notify stockbrokers, credit cards companies, and any other financial institutions of your new address.


Insurance agencies

Your current address should be provided to insurance agencies offering homeowners, life, or health insurance policies. This applies to any other people or organizations (such your family lawyer) that may have dealt with you or your family.


Medical and educational facilities

To enroll your children in a new school and locate a family doctor, you will need to transfer all your academic, medical and prescription medication records.


Subscription and Clubs

Update your address with any professional or sports clubs you are a part of. Notify your subscriber service department for any magazines or newspapers you wish to receive at the new residence. You may be required to visit certain institutions and companies to inform them of your move. Most people can update their mailing address online or call them to inform them.