They had three fights, and were each time stopped. Varian wins the fight in Wolfheart due to his unlimitable WOW TBC Gold endurance and is blessed with Lo'Gash. When they fight in the war of War it is more even.

He was a Mary Sue from the beginning. He was a much better fighter than Orgrim Doomhammer. He was also a prodigy at the art of shamanism.

Garrosh was not a participant in Cataclysms conflicts, he lead the invasion of the Twilight Highlands and beat a dragon to death as the twilight hammer did it. I remember when theories were floating around during MoP that our Garrosh was an impostor and was forged by the Twilight Hammer, and he went missing.

I've always been frustrated by how people seemed to forget that Thrall was an athlete from his beginnings, even though I like him as the shaman who yells at people. And his manner of speaking hasn't been a warrior-like one since WotLK.

Yes, I'm with you. This is the issue with Garrosh's character as character. char. He's said to be an outstanding warrior, but in books like the shattering , the sole argument is that his dad was one of them as well. The fact is that it's never revealed. Garrosh would have lost to Cairne but for the cheating, but let's be real Thrall could have faced Cairne in the past. I believe that Garrosh is a great warrior, but how great can he actually be in the light of your arguments? Not as good as Jesus the green

The Thrall's training and upbringing. Thrall was not exposed to real, authentic combat for more than 10 years by the time we arrive at this point. After leading the rebellion against prison camps, he formed the modern Horde before slipping into a position of leadership before moving into a mostly theological role. He's certainly got serious muscle memory, and likely got occasional sparring sessions often went on an excursion on the PC but take an extended break from any activity and you'll take a beating. It's likely that he's a skilled fighter, but perhaps not enough to compete with an equally skilled or superior warrior.

Garrosh's childhood and training, Garadar started as a pox-stricken camp. It later evolved into an refugee center for Maghar and other orcs fleeing the old Horde. But it wasn't like that all the time. He had a fever in his younger years, however, he was not always sick. It is reasonable to assume that Garrosh, and other young orcs would have received training and guidance from older orcs and those recovering to defend the village from a rogue clan like angry elementals, the ogres. Garrosh, I believe, was the best Garadar orc at the time of his combat. The lack of interest or enthusiasm, however, is something that is somewhat unfamiliar to me. The novels also portray a picture of Garrosh being the kind of person to regularly fight with the Kor'kron. His fights in the duel against Cairne are described as powerful and skilled, however his youth was obscured and his confidence was ruined by Cairne's years of experience. Saurfang said that he was cheap Burning Crusade Classic Gold an exceptional warrior, with only a few equals in combat. But his leadership skills were lacking. He was too familiar with the details close. It was a misunderstanding of his genetic predisposition to becoming an extremely skilled warrior (he was born into the Warsong clan). What I'm getting at is Garrosh is a superb warrior, with only some flaws.