There are usually Maryland Medical Marijuana Patients Instructions that you need to follow to obtain the marijuana card. After getting the card, you will buy medical marijuana at any dispensary in Maryland state. Therefore you need to follow the instructions for the best application process strictly.

You might be wondering what instructions are there to guide you on getting medical marijuana in Maryland. However, it would be good if you didn't worry anymore because you are at the right place. Here, we will discuss the Maryland Medical Marijuana Patient Instructions to help you have the best through your application process.

The Maryland Medical Marijuana Patient Instructions

Some of the instructions to follow as a Maryland medical marijuana patient during the application process include;

1. Filling out an online application form

It is the first Maryland Medical Marijuana Patient Instructions that you need to follow. You should fill out an online application form and ensure that you create an account under patients on the Maryland medical cannabis portal services.

2. Email verification

You will need to verify your email. After you have submitted your online application, you will be able to obtain a verification email from the email address tab that you gave out. It would be best if you clicked on the email verification link to enhance the validation of your email account. 

You need to ensure that you undertake this step carefully for the Maryland medical cannabis commission to consider your application, amongst others. A certified doctor may help you carry out this process if you don't understand it well. For that reason, you need not worry even if you don't know what is next to dry.

3. The Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission will then evaluate the application

It is the third known Maryland Medical Marijuana Patient Instructions. After the evaluation, they will send an email to let you know whether the application was accepted or not. You need to store the approval email for future confirmation properly. On the card, you will be able to get the patient's ID number and your username.

4. Optional

The fourth Maryland Medical Marijuana Patient Instructions is always optional, and you may or may not follow it. It is usually related to the caregiver. After allowing you to get the card, you can choose to navigate to the patients' registration and then add or remove the designated caregiver.

Summing up

To get medical marijuana in Maryland, there are some important Maryland Medical Marijuana Patient Instructions that you will have to follow. Our article has tried to lay down the instructions in detail to obtain the right information for the whole process.