Fact one - after brushing your teeth, you need to adhere to a special diet for some time

Do not let this scare you - this diet is necessary only within two days after the procedure, and the products that are recommended to be excluded are coffee, tea, red wine, etc. those that may contain dyes.
The second fact - in some cases it is not recommended to carry out this procedure

Indeed, whitening is carried out exclusively only for those who have already turned 16 years old, in addition, one should not resort to the procedure for the representatives of the fair half of humanity “in position” and during lactation. In addition, teeth whitening are not performed for those who are allergic to the components used in the procedure and in some other cases.

The third fact is that you can whiten your teeth at home

 Today there are a lot of all kinds of products, like UK teeth whitening the manufacturers of which are promoting about their surprising effect.  If you want to achieve a really good result for a long time without harming your health, it is better to use quality products.

The first myth - teeth whitening negatively affects their health, as the enamel becomes thinner.

The thing is that the dentist, immediately before the procedure, conducts a thorough examination, as it reveals the existing problems of the dentition. The most suitable whitening method is selected depending on the result. Often, special preparations are used to strengthen the enamel. Thus, the procedure has absolutely no adverse effect on the tooth enamel.

The second myth is that every person's teeth can be whitened. Not every patient who comes to the clinic for this procedure knows that it will not be effective in all cases

Firstly, age spots that appear as a result of smoking or taking antibiotics cannot be whitened. Secondly, when diagnosing some diseases, it is not recommended to carry out the described procedure. In such cases, doctors can offer other options that will help restore the whiteness of the dentition.

The third myth - whitening and cleaning are, in fact, the same thing

 In fact, the two procedures are related, but not the same. Cleaning allows you to get rid of plaque and calculus, of course, after it, the dentition takes on a lighter shade. But it is whitening that can significantly change the color of the tooth. It is necessary to resort to teeth whitening after cleaning.