I was fortunate to have some friends who believed in me. They were not the perfect. I am blessed to OSRS gold have a girlfriend that I cherish and share my life with. She is aware of my gaming habits and sometimes even uses on her F2P account. I discovered that in the end of my teens, it was taboo to let people know that you played (few kids would play in my classes on programming, and they got flamed A LOT by other students and even the teacher.) It seems that it is more prevalent now, but I am not sure if it has to do with me getting older or the maturation and acceptance of other people. It doesn't seem as if it's a sport for 13 year olds anymore than it was just a few years ago.

Abyssal Whip - Probably my most favorite weapon of all time. It was the best weapon ever on the battlefield, or at least until the year 2008. And even prior to EoC, it was still one of my top weapons. The weapon was the first to have a special attack. This was before the special attack got changed to nerf. Special attack was when you reached your maximum or reach zero. When I reached level 77, I got my first special attack and was proud of it. Castle Wars was my favorite level.

Crystal Bow-I like this bow very much. It is powerful and doesn't need any ammo. It was the first gun that didn't require ammo for long durations. Kharil’s Crossbow-I used to own one of these crossbows in buy RuneScape Mobile gold the past. It was a vast improvement over the magical shorter bow. This was a fun weapon to use in Castle Wars. However, the ammo cost was prohibitive and it was impossible to recover.