2.0 update has been released, which means that the gyroids are back. Go to ACItems to buy Animal Crossing Items to enjoy the update better. Players can once again build a noisy collection of characters. Now we have a new process to get them. The specific method is as follows:

1. Go to one of Kapp'n's islands in Animal Crossing: New Horizons
The key to obtaining the gyroids is to find the gyroids fragments. If you take a boat trip in Kapp'n, you will be taken to an island where you may find one. Go to the pier on your island. It will be located on the southeast coast or southwest coast. Pay Kapp'n 1,000 Nook Miles.

From there, you will take a boat to the island. Make sure you have a shovel and ladder at hand. But if you don't, Kapp'n will sell them once you arrive.

When you are on the island, look for cracks in the ground. When you find one, it is most likely a gyroid fragment,  if so, bring it back to your island.

2. In Animal Crossing: New Horizons plant the gyroid fragments to get gyroids.
This step is very simple. Go to a bare piece of land on your island, and dig a hole with a shovel, and then go to your inventory select the gyroid fragment, at last choose to bury it.
Once the gyroid is buried, take out your watering can. The water cracked underground until steam came out. This might take one or two attempts to get it right.

3. Dig up your gyroid.
The next step is the simplest. After spending a day in real life, return to Animal Crossing: New Horizons to discover your gyroids. A random one will be waiting underground.

Then you can place or decorate your gyroid. Just go to the workbench to change its color. As for the setting, you can place it on a table or wall in your virtual home. 

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