If you're printing documents, the Brother printer will print but not scan everything. This could be due to many reasons. In this article, I'll outline how to address the problem.

  1. The first step is to verify the connection to the internet. It is possible that your connectivity to the Internet is not working. This is the reason why you aren't in a position to view scans on your PC.
  2. Let's upload a picture to your printer. Then attempt to scan it with your printer. Verify whether it is actually printing properly at the moment or not.
  3. Check that your printer has been set for primary printing. Printing directly to the printer is the default. It is possible to navigate to printers and scanners and identify which printer is designated to print default. If you're unable to find your printer on the list of scanners that are default. You must select your scanner and then click the button to set it as default. Test scanning something with your computer.
  4. Check the settings on your driver. Review the settings for your driver. Perhaps your driver for printing is outdated. This is the reason you're experiencing this issue.
  5. If you've followed these steps if your printer is has stopped scanning documents, the reason is. It is important to delete the driver associated with the printer. Then, start your system.

If your computer has been restarted, it is necessary to install the most current driver. After you have followed these steps, the printer will start scanning documents. If the printer isn't scanning your documents, please leave an open comment in the box below or in our forum for help to resolve this Brother printer won t scan. We'll assist you with the solution.