Electric drills are widely used in our daily life, whether it is home installation or electrical maintenance, etc., electric drills are needed in these delicate life scenes. Electric drills and drill bits are inseparable, and there are many types of drill bits. Different drill bits are suitable for different situations. Therefore, before using the exercise, we need to have a general understanding of the function and usage of the exercise.However, when it comes to drill bits, there should be one wood auger drill bit at home, but some drill bits are not necessarily suitable for electric drills and can only be used manually. The existence of electric drills makes woodworking more convenient and labor-saving. However, sometimes manual drills are more suitable for inward drilling in narrow spaces, with enhanced controllability, lighter weight and lower working noise. But this is more tiring than an electric drill.

The drill bits that we may often use can be divided into six types: twisted metal drill bits, masonry drill bits, woodworking drill bits, tile drill bits, glass drill bits and screwdriver drill bits. However, each type of drill bit can be divided into different diameters. There are many models.

In our daily life, we rarely use HSS cobalt drill bit , but this kind of drill bit will be better than ordinary drill bits, because the cobalt content can determine the performance of the material. hss is the general term for high-speed steel. According to different grades, the quenching hardness is between HRC60-66, and the national standard requires HRC63-66. The hardness of low-quality high-speed steel is between HRC60-62, and the hardness of the drill bit is also above 62. Usually used in the manufacture of drill bits and mechanical tapping. There are many specific steel grades for turning tools. Red hardness is better than carbon steel, that is, the cutting speed is higher than ordinary carbon steel.