13 hours a days I will OSRS GP use any open guilded altars on the official forums. What number of dragon bones do I need to use? I am hoping at least 1k. Do you have the ability to bring along two marentillo plants and a small tinderbox for each journey.

Do I use the marentill herb with the burners and the tinderbox while I'm at the guilded alm? Once the burners are on do I place the bones on the altar 1 by 1 and then bury, do I just take them out and then bury them or do I just put them on the altar?

You can easily complete the 1K. I've never attempted two inventory systems at a time so I don't know the time it will take. However, I believe you'll be able to manage it in no more than an hour. You need 2 marrentil and 1 tinderbox if the burners are not lit - however if the altar is busy you will often find the burners are lit by the last person who came to the altar. The burners must smell of smoke.

To ignite the burner, click on the button if you don't see one. It will require 1 marrentil. To ignite the second flame, click the link below. This will use up the other marrentil. Your tinderbox will remain lit, so it won't be wasted! When the burners are switched on, you can begin using the bones. You'll be able to see the animation of the bone dissolving, and you'll get a message telling you that "the gods will be happy" to let it know you've done it right.

I'm trying to raise my Attack & Defence levels by 60 to 70. Now I am trying to figure out which is more efficient. Training using their attack options. I.e. train Attack with Accurate and Defence with Defensive.

Can I train both the Controlled Option and one of my children more quickly? What weapon do you use if I choose the Controlled Option? I'm currently using F2P. Which one is better? Single Skills (One at a Time) or controlled (Train everything). The goal is to have them stop practicing Attack and Defence when they turn 70 and only train Strength up to that point, and then be a Barrows Pure.

The msb may be a bit old school runescape gold  slower, but it is still more efficient. It can fire three shots per dark bow shot. The amount of arrows that strike your opponent at the same moment is just one because the dark bow shoots two arrows simultaneously. It is more likely to hit with the dark bow and the black d’hide than you would with the msb.