1. They are all film materials. A4 & A3 Sublimation Paperis white. The pearlescent paper has a sparkling effect on the white material. After using the PP synthetic paper, it can be peeled off and reattached, but the pearlescent paper will not work, so tear it off. It can’t be used in the future, because the surface will appear orange peel.
       2. Because PP synthetic paper has the characteristics of plastic and paper at the same time, it has a wide range of applications in many aspects, mainly in the following three aspects:
       1. High-quality printing. Such as posters, pictorials, pictures, maps, calendars, books, etc.
       2. Packaging purposes. Such as handbags, packaging boxes, pharmaceutical packaging, cosmetic packaging, food packaging, industrial product packaging, etc.
       3. Special purpose. Such as in-mold labels, pressure-sensitive labels, thermal labels, banknote paper, etc.
       3. Pearlescent paper, synthetic paper with PP as the main raw material, has a lower specific gravity, better rigidity, and good opacity than general synthetic paper. It is most likely to replace natural paper synthetic paper. Therefore, it is difficult to distinguish the surface from synthetic paper, and it is best to distinguish it from the reverse side.
       Human civilization needs resources to cause environmental damage. Because pearl paper is paper that does not use tree wood as a raw material, it is currently the only material that can slow down environmental damage.
       HDHT Sublimation Heat Transfer Papercan be reused to reduce waste of resources. After the pearl paper is used, it can be recycled, crushed, re-granulated, and then used as the raw material for the production of plastic pallets and injection products, so it can be reused to reduce resource waste.