Granite: Is it worth it? Is fletching worth it? What is the best way to do herblore? (guide wasn't much help :) )-plain and RuneScape Mobile gold simple Please. What is the best method to start construction so I can build my house? Is hunting really that easy? Do you find it difficult to figure your way to the right direction? What do you suggest bringing to the Lost City quest to combat the tree spirit? How much are glory ammys? Are whip prices rising or falling?

By the way isn't it more enjoyable to find these things for yourself? also you'll find you can have all the data about the world, but it wont mean squat until you go out there and see it for yourself. The most effective way to ensure that the dagger that lasts forever is ++.

The one that starts herbology and the other to begin summoning(so you can gain acess to these skills of course)then it all is dependent on your level for instance are you able to do the lost city quest. It is possible to do any kind of quest you like. The skills are easier to buy OSRS gold train within players. Experiments with rock crabs.