Possible damage in the company files can result in the occurrence of Quickbooks error 6000, 301.

Reasons for the occurrence of Quickbooks error 6000, 301 are:

  • Company file is damaged.
  • Transaction log file is damaged.
  • Antivirus might block the company file.

Ways to resolve Quickbooks error 6000, 301 are:

Solution 1: Updating Quickbooks.

  • Open Help menu.
  • Go to the Update Quickbooks tab.
  • Click on the update now.
  • Checkmark the Reset update option.
  • Click on Get updates.
  • Close Quickbooks.


Solution 2: Renaming .ND and .TLG files.

  • Open Company file.
  • Find .ND and .TLG files.
  • Go to the rename tab after right-clicking the file.
  • Click Yes to save changes.


Solution 3: Disabling encryption software.

Encryption software like Folder lock might cause Quickbooks error 6000, 301.

Reach out to the encryption software merchant and ask them to disable the settings.


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