Animal Crossing: New Horizons has added two new characters to the game: one is CJ, a beaver who likes sports and fishes, and the other is Flick, a chameleon who dresses up as goths and likes bugs, which makes this game even more It's fun. Nintend has used these two as a roommate from beginning to end, but since last week's content was announced, players have to treat them as a romantic couple.

A lot of new content has been added to the newly updated Animal Crossing: New Horizons, including a paid expansion pack called Happy Home Paradise, which allows you to design holiday houses for villagers, and Brewster’s café will also return. In this update, they have added new content on ACNH Bells the basis of the previous content, which is also what players strongly look forward to. But expanding the relationship between Flick and C.J will be even more exciting.

The friendship between Flick and C.J. is very delicate. Flick was initially reluctant to design a holiday house until he learned that C.J. could move in with him. There was a touching moment when Flick was surveying the land where their house will be built. He said at the time: "C.J. will like it here."

The Roost is the best place to Animal Crossing Items learn about the cast of Animal Crossing. A good cup of joe allows animals to talk about their lives. In New Horizons, the customers of the cafe are randomly assigned based on the residents of the island, but you can invite specific characters by using Amiibo characters and cards. So in the cafe you can not only invite Flick and C.J., but you can also let their fathers, Nat and Chip, who appeared in the game before, join the party.

Flick and C.J., as a pair of the only characters with homosexuality in the game, have attracted the attention of many fans. So they are taken care of in all aspects of the game. Of course, it is indispensable to use various Animal Crossing Items to decorate their holiday homes. Now MMOWTS has a variety of Animal Crossing Items for players to choose from, so come to MMOWTS to buy some Animal Crossing Items to create a sweet home for this "little couple"!