Kapp'n's boat tours are a new addition to the 2.0 update of Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Many returning players Buy ACNH Bells for the new update. players buy It can take players to random islands filled with things to collect. These are not regular islands, just like the ones visited during Mystery Island Tours.

One of the mystery islands seems to be a star fragment island,  there are many shooting stars and rocks that will produce star fragments, such as clay and iron ore. Considering how time-consuming it is to collect star fragments, by constantly observing the night sky, a large number of star fragment rocks is an exciting and surprising discovery; they are abundant on islands of shooting stars at night.

Each of these islands may be DIY in a bottle on the beach, so be sure to look for it. On shooting star Island, those DIYs seem to be something you can grab from Celeste. On the beach, you should also be able to find more star fragments.

Depending on the island, there are other things you can collect. Rare flowers and bushes, as well as animals and plants not seen anywhere else in the world-such as climbing vines and different kinds of weeds. There are also new DIY recipes on some of these islands, themed around the unique glowing moss scattered around, everything from dresses to ponds. 

The game has been updated for a week, and a large number of players are experiencing various new features. At the same time, the ACItems website provides players with huge Bells and new items. If you want to ACNH Buy Bells and Animal Crossing Items, please choose us.