Manual Instructions and Download Scanner Driver for Linux Mac, Windows- Canon MG3600 is an All-In-One printer scanner, printer, and Photocopier via Wi-Fi and cloud software. It is ideal for people who want the ability to print directly from their laptop or tablet computer, smartphone, or preferred camera.

Canon MG3600 has ever become the very first printer in its series. It is well-known for its budget-friendly pricing and also the connectivity services. It's ideal in the form of a box. It is possible to find the printer with the speed you need as well as the printer attached to the most recent technology.

The printer is also well-designed and can be placed wherever you want. The printer is not really a problem, with the exception of one step: you aren't able to transmit documents using the printer.

The printer is equipped with many devices that are great. It starts with the most reliable resolutions that can be boosted to 4800 x 600 DPI. Print any kind of document or image that has colors and the outcome that will not leave you unhappy.

The copying feature is completed in just 30 seconds even though it's a colored one. It also protects your images and files to be viewed in a high-quality manner. There are many unique elements with the Canon MG3600. This printer is one that many people are profiting from right now. It is due to the fact that printing is a necessity in a variety of jobs.

Here, you will learn how to configure the Canon MG3600 WiFi setup.

* Check that you are using the USB cable can be used in conjunction with the USB slot in your notebook.

If you have lost the driver for your CD, you'll have installed the file from the website.

* Make sure to download the right software compatible with your printer model.

Once you've gathered all the necessary information it is necessary to start the installation setup software that you have on your CD driver, or from the documents you downloaded.

The last thing you'd like to do is to wait with patience for the whole process to be completed.

In the present, you'll be asked to select a few alternatives like the components as well as the locations for installation as well as your name, and various other items.

* Be sure to complete the form correctly.

Once the wizard for setting up is finished and your printer is set up, you can print.

* Before you begin printing a page in order to make certain that the printer is installed.

* To determine the location where the information is stored look up the preferences.

Double-click on the mounted Disk Picture. Double-click the package file in the folder. The installation will start automatically.

Make sure the Wi-Fi button begins to blink blue. Then, arrive at your entry point. Press the [WPS] button for two minutes.

Make sure the printer is on.

Click and hold Cancel Button, button prior to when the alert lamp flashing for 15 days. Then make it permanent.

* The page for system data will be made available.

* This completes the WPS installation process. You must install the application to make the most from the MG3600.

* If you don't have the installation disk that came with your product Please purchase the installation guide and the software.

* It is the Canon MG3600 wireless arrangement that remains to fail despite complying with this manual.