After World of Warcraft Classic released the Burning Crusade expansion, many new dungeons were added. As one of the first dungeons opened in TBC Classic, The Blood Furnace will undoubtedly become the main Burning Crusade Classic Gold challenge target for players. Because the recommended level of the dungeon ranges from 60 to 64, which means that after players successfully reach level 60 and pass through the Dark Portal, they can begin to clean up the monsters in it and get the best XP and item rewards. In order to make it easier for you to find the entrance of the dungeon and enter, we will introduce all the relevant details in the article.

Players can visit the portal of Hellfire Citadel after reaching Outland, so that you can reach The Blood Furnace directly. The location of the portal has coordinates 46,51 and is located on a slope at the southern end of Hellfire Citadel. After you climb the slope, you can follow the path directly to the gateway to The Blood Furnace.

In addition, you can accept two quests in advance and complete them in The Blood Furnace. You will be able to see these two quests after completing the quests of Hellfire Ramparts. Their names are The Blood of Life and Heart of Rage. In fact, you can also use the portal of the Hellfire Citadel to reach the entrance of The Burning Crusade dungeon. The recommended level of this dungeon ranges from 59 to 63, which is also very suitable for players who have just reached level 60.

The layout in The Blood Furnace is not complicated, as long as you follow the prompts to clean up, you will be able to meet all three bosses smoothly. Except for the three more difficult bosses, the other enemies are relatively weak trash pulls. You can easily kill all enemies and eliminate all threats. But if you want to make the whole process more comfortable, you can arrange some players with CC, interrupts, and the ability to dispel Magic effects in the team. Such a team will basically not face any risk of failure or death in the dungeon.

Like other new dungeons in TBC Classic, The Blood Furnace also has a heroic challenge, provided that all players in the team have reached level 70 and have a Flamewrought Key. Obtaining the key requires additional TBC Classic Gold preparation. You can continue to join some dungeon teams in Hellfire Peninsula to earn Thrallmar or Honor Hold reputation. You can purchase the item after the reputation of one of the factions is honored. You can use The Blood Furnace to do this, and every time you clear the dungeon, you will contribute approximately 750 reputation.

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