Business Intelligence (BI) is a collection of technologies, processes, and architectures that convert raw data into meaningful information; This helps many startups, SMEs, and large companies make profitable business decisions.

BI tools are software used to assemble, process, investigate, and visualize large volumes of past, present, and future information; This is done to generate actionable business information, create community reports, and clarify decision-making processes.


  • 32% of Research and Development teams continually employ four or more BI tools to do their work, managing all departments in 2020. (Forbes)


  • The healthcare, financial, and retail/wholesale industries are likely to adopt Business Intelligence (BI) in 2020. (Forbes)


Check out the list of top Business Intelligence tools that can become highly profitable for your organization:

There are several types of Business Intelligence tools, but not all of them are capable enough to offer leading solutions. 

Here are the few top-listed BI tools that can provide profitable solutions to your organization.


Datapine is a popular Business Intelligence software, allows you to relate business and other data from different sources. This tool uses its main advanced analytical functions (including predictive) to analyze the data.

Using the datapine tool, you can create attractive business dashboards, custom or standard reports, and much more. The tool offers leading features for advanced users (data analysts and averaging) and commercial users.

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SAS BI is one of the top-rated Business Intelligence tools, offering many solutions associated with products and technologies. This tool is best for data engineers, data scientists, text analysts, forecast analysts, etc. This tool was founded in the 1970s. At Capterra, this tool earned 4.5 ratings.

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