The woven imitation linen fabric’s popularity has existed for thousands of years. Linen fiber’s earliest discoveries were in ancient Egypt. When crops of flax were grown in controlled areas, they processed flax fibers into linen yarn.

Exotic fabrics like linen were exclusively for the wealthy. Linen’s earliest uses during their first productions were for the affluent members of society. Linen became transformed into anything from bridal garb to burial garments.

Once linen fabric traveled towards Europe however, its biggest production was interestingly based in Ireland. Belfast, Ireland was the largest producer of linen fabric. Its production of linen crowned Belfast “Linenopolis!”

Belfast made linen for almost two centuries for dignitaries and common folk alike. Today, eastern Europe and China are responsible for the bulk of linen fabric.

While most linen becomes manufactured in eastern Europe and China, the flax comes from Canada. Canada is the biggest producer of flax over any country, with Kazakhstan and Russia behind it. Without their collaborative production of flax, linen would be in short supply.

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