The recent free update to Animal Crossing: New Horizons has added a lot of content to this popular video game. During this time, many players chose to buy Animal Crossing Items For Sale. The update brings a museum upgrade, including Brewster, Gyroids, etc. This does not even take into account the paid DLC Happy Home Paradise. And there seem to be more discoveries because players have discovered the upcoming Black Friday event in the game.

As detailed by Nintendo Life, players have discovered a new event called Nook Friday by playing dates on Nintendo Switch to travel through time and see what happened in video games on specific dates. Nook Friday will obviously start on November 26th and last until November 30th, reflecting the actual Black Friday sales by offering discounts in the in-game store.

Items will have a 30% discount according to the report. Regrettably. Under no circumstances can it be certain which items will appear during this period. Given that this information comes from the person manipulating the date on the console, other aspects of the event may not be immediately clear. Regardless of the situation, Nook Friday seems to be real, and it will definitely start on November 26th.

As mentioned above, the last major free update for Animal Crossing: New Horizons and Happy Home Paradise DLC is now available. In general, Animal Crossing: New Horizons itself is currently available for Nintendo Switch. It will continue to receive new updates from the official website from time to time. Although most of them are seasonal items that have only recently appeared.

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