Electric motors can be found in a variety of tools, instruments, and implements. Some of the many products that run on them include automatic doors, ceiling fans, door locks, electric toothbrushes, soap dispensers, and gas pumps.

The electric motor’s widespread usage is largely because of its superior reliability in comparison to other kinds of motors. While a typical combustion engine can consist of more than 200 parts, electrically powered motors have around 20 moving parts on average. Because they have fewer moving parts, they usually require less maintenance and enjoy much longer service lives than other motors.

Most electric motors are slightly modified to suit the needs of a particular application. Like any motor, an electric motor needs to be completely compatible with the device it powers. Installing an improperly shaped or sized motor can limit its overall effectiveness, leading to unnecessary headaches and wasted time. In contrast, a customized electric motor can offer a host of benefits:

Customized motors are designed to ensure that an application runs as efficiently as possible. When electric motors run properly, wear and tear decreases, reducing the risk of costly damages that could eventually derail production.

Skilled vendors can modify electric motors fairly quickly and ship them ready to use. In the process, they spare the users time the hardship of adapting an application to an electric motor that isn’t suited to it.

Vendors usually take on all risk and liability for a customized electric motor. In contrast, you will need to replace parts yourself if you make modifications yourself and damage something.

Customization enables users to design a motor according to their exact specifications rather than purchase a standard model. In effect, the only limit is your imagination.

Any company interested in investing in an electric motor should begin their search by finding a reliable vendor. A good vendor can thoroughly evaluate a company’s typical applications to determine what design best fits its needs. Whether the custom design necessitates slight modifications in size or variations in shape, there are many options and solutions to suit your requirements.

One example of a customization option is the attachment of cables to an electric motor. Cable attachment might seem like a small modification, but many motors come with bare terminals that require users to connect cables to the terminal themselves. This task, though simple, can cause users to break the terminal by mistake, a common problem that a simple customized addition can prevent altogether. Such minor adjustments can save lots of money in the long-run.

Another customization option could be the addition of brackets or mounting plates, gears, pulleys or even lead screws. Similarly, if a planetary gearbox is being affected from pin walk, pins can be welded to the carrier. Regardless of their extent, such changes can heighten efficiency, save time, and help users get more out of their applications.

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