We can know from the information released by Amazon Games last time that a brand new weapon will be launched in New World. The new weapon is a magic weapon that has the basic abilities of magic damage and support. This weapon is Void Gauntlet.

What is New World Void Gauntlet?

The Void Gauntlet is actually New World's first-ever Intellect and also Focus scaling weapon. The weapon makes use of a blend of assistance skills that assist enthusiast allies, while the weapon can spec into Intellect to accomplish damages. However, you can easily use the electrical power of the void to advocate allies, granting all of them highly effective fans in the Decaying tree.

New World Void Gauntlet Skills

The Decaying Orb is a spell that lowers an opponent's damages absorption, making them simpler to kill. As for the Void Blade, it is a capability that summons a blade, the attacks; no matter if it is actually a hefty or moderate strike use break down, which works item damage a 2nd to the target, and lowers the harm absorption the system takes.

Void Gauntlet Legendary Quest

The New World Void Gauntlet is actually obtaining its very own legendary quest. Every weapon possesses a legendary quest establishment, requiring you to grind to get a purple top quality 580 Gear Score weapon. The Void Gauntlet is actually mosting likely to participate in the exciting, although the technique you open it is slightly different. The legendary quest begins in Reekwater, and you'll need to speak to Antiquarian Abbington to begin the pursuit. Keep in mind, you need to finish Magaki's Stratagem in Shattered Mountain as well as Legatus Fulvius' journey just before you can easily start deep space Gauntlet's legendary quest.

What we should do now is to download New World Public Test Realm, where we can experience more new content and equipment.