There was a time when every desktop or PC setup had one software in common: Flash! It was used heavily for generating and playing multimedia content and web pages. Its popularity even grew higher with the emergence of Stage3D, which allowed Flash-based content to use 3D media. But, in recent times, that small f icon that signified Flash has almost vanished from the computer screens. It is primarily because of the emergence of the web giant called HTML5. And with the lowering graph of Flash, the businesses that once used Flash-based pages regularly are now exporting their content to HTML5-based pages. They are taking the help of professional Flash to html5 conversion services for this purpose.

However, many companies often get confused on why they need to convert Flash to HTML5. If your organisation is also going through this dilemma, then please read through this blog. Here, we will discuss the striking differences between Flash and HTML5.

Flash to HTML5 Conversion Service: How It Helps Your Business?

Converting your Flash-based pages to HTML5-based pages will have multiple benefits for your businesses. And these benefits are because of the fundamental differences between Flash and HTML5. Let’s explore these differences first.

1. Low Memory, High Processing Speed

As Flash requires a specialised plug-in, Flash Player, to function, it consumes more memory. But, HTML5 is completely platform-based. Hence it doesn’t consume much memory.

Due to low memory consumption, the CPU processes HTML5 pages faster than Flash pages.


2. Different Designs for Different Browsers

Many times, companies want to design different web page layouts for different browsers. But it is not possible for Flash, as the Flash Player standardises the designs in all the browsers.

But in HTML5, the browser extracts the page directly from code. Hence, each browser can interpret the same page differently. 

3. SEO Friendly

Flash does not have in-built support for many browsers. But HTML5 goes well with almost all web browsers. Accordingly, the HTML5 pages are more Search Engine friendly as well. So, if your business website is HTML5 based, it is likely to get a higher Google rank and more views.

Convert Flash to HTML5 to Reap the Benefits!

As discussed above, the HTML5 based pages have faster processing speed, lighter memory, and are more web-friendly. Hence, by converting the Flash pages into HTML5 pages, the business can make their websites faster, lighter, and more visible. But, the conversion process is often time taking. To avoid such issues, the business companies take the help of Flash to HTML5 Conversion Service Providers in the UK. One of the best flashcard creation services providers is Acadecraft. They offer accurate and faster conversion with customised web layouts. They even build many pages from scratch if necessary.