Building Net Manufacturer’s flexible wind-proof net, also known as flexible wind-proof and dust-suppressing net, is made of 95% or more high-density polyethylene. The raw materials are imported from the United States with anti-UV agents (the service life can be extended by 1-3 years), anti-aging agents Flame retardant, crosslinking enhancer, etc.; high fire safety coefficient, flame retardant time greater than 4S; solid and durable, tensile coefficient of 220KN/MM, impact resistance coefficient conforms to GB16909-1997. It can also effectively absorb solar ultraviolet light. To beautify the city.




    Use Flexible wind-proof and dust-suppression nets have a wide range of applications. In agriculture, wind-proof nets are used to provide microclimates for crops; in areas with severe desertification, they are used to reduce sand and stone accumulation; in environmental protection, wind-proof nets can reduce bulk materials Dissipation during loading, unloading and stacking of objects is especially suitable for coal storage yards of enterprises and factories such as coal mines, coking plants, and power plants.


    Agricultural Shade Plastic Net Manufacturer's ports, wharf coal storage yards and various stock yards; various open stock yards of steel, building materials, cement and other enterprises; crop protection against wind, sandy weather and dust and other harsh environments; railway and highway coal terminal storage Sites, construction sites, road dust, both sides of expressways, etc. Characteristic safety: The product has excellent flame retardancy, and the continuous burning time is less than 4 seconds.