Do you want to know who is the best left back in the current game? The top 11 players in the current game have been identified.

Alphonso Davies scored 83 in FIFA 22, he has lightning speed. He has proved more than once that he represents all the attributes of all modern guards, such as fast speed, excellent ball handling ability, and skillful skills. He can also Buy FIFA 22 Coins provide a good supplement for the team on the offensive end.

In addition, Jordi Alba's score is 86 points, his level once showed a downward trend, but he is still Barcelona's first full-back. It has good speed, intelligence and offensive ability.

Andrew Robertson's score is 87. He may be the most prominent player in this position and the most consistent player. It is tireless and can provide extra help both on defense and offense. He is fast, has a generous physique, and his crosses are also very accurate.

Teo Hernandez scored 84 in FIFA 22. He is one of the most prominent players in the Muslan season 2020-2021. He is a modern fast guard with huge offensive and defensive advantages.

There is also Luke Shaw, who received a score of 84. His most prominent moment was during the European Cup in 2020. He achieved outstanding results and scored the national team's goal in the final against Italy. And before that, he also hit 3 goals for the Three Lions.

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