Nichirin Swords play a big role in the fight against demons. Here's what makes these unique weapons so special.

Most Demon Slayer don’t have the kind of superhuman strength and abilities that demons do, putting them at an inherent disadvantage. Part of why a Demon Slayer’s training is so daunting is because it must prepare potential candidates for the dangerous world they’re joining. The same applies to the Final Selection, which thrusts applicants into an actual life-or-death situation with an incredibly low survival rate.

In order to close the gap, Demon Slayers are equipped with Nichirin Swords. These unique weapons are one of the few ways that a human can kill a demon directly. Nichirin Swords are an invaluable tool in the fight against demons, and that’s just one of the many reasons why they’re so special within the Demon Slayer Trainers UK universe.

The Bright Red Nichirin Sword

A colored Nichirin Sword is a sign of an adept Demon Slayer, but there exists a technique that signifies an even greater level of proficiency among members of the corps. The Bright Red Nichirin Sword can only be used by a select few and stands as the most effective way to defeat a demon outright.

Only those with the Demon Slayer Mark or extremely powerful Hashira have been known to make use of this ability. Thanks to their Sun Breathing, Tanjiro and Yoriichi can access this power organically while engaged in combat, whereas others have done so through intense focus and strength of will.

When using this power Nichirin Swords can hinder a demon’s healing abilities, similar to the effect that sunlight has on them. It has been shown to be useful against Muzan himself, though not strong enough to permanently affect his ability to heal.

Wisteria flowers and poisons have been shown to be just as effective in combating demons, as illustrated by their use in the Final Selection. However, Nichirin Swords allow Demon Slayers to be more active in their activities, while also allowing them the opportunity to defend themselves against incredibly strong foes. The effectiveness of the blade depends on the skill of the user, but they stand as the best tool Demon Slayers have in their fight against evil.