Download for free the best children's games for children from 3 to 5 years old related to math games, alphabet games and puzzle games, primary coloring games, cooking games, multiplying games.


This top will be updated with new games so that the little ones at home can learn the alphabet, draw, listen to letters in English and through different fun levels that will help them develop association, tactile and fine motor skills.

Animal Jam - Play Wild!


Children like animals, so this game is going to love them. It is a game where you can become an animal and customize it to your liking. Then start exploring a 3D world while learning about the natural world and its habitat. Download Google Play (Free)

Educational Games Alphabet

With this game, children will be able to: learn the alphabet, draw uppercase and lowercase letters, start reading and writing, learn words related to a certain letter, read, listen to letters and words in English develop fine motor skills and graphomotor skills.  You may also be interested in Math it Right 3D Adventure


Preschool Kids Game 3 Free


This application is designed for children in preschool, which are offered 12 games with which they will learn: more than 100 words, the sound, and names of animals, numbers, and letters, distinguish shapes, paint, connect the dots. and improve your memory, logic, and concentration.


Games for kids Puzzles


Learn any subject or topics in a practical way by creating your own educational cards.


Learn languages: English, French, Portuguese, etc.

Put your memory to the test using typing mode and against the clock.

Share the cards with your friends or study partner.

It includes subjects such as science, English, mathematics, programming, history, etc.

Download: Google Play (Free)


Puzzles for babies


With this game, young children will learn animals, numbers, letters, fruits, transport, professions, emotions, colors, and musical instruments. It will also help them develop association, tactile, and fine motor skills. The game features easy navigation between puzzles, easily manageable wooden pieces, attractive high-quality graphics, and smooth, stimulating sounds.


Free kids dog puzzles


This application is designed for children under 6 years of age, for which it offers 30 puzzles with fun and cute images of dogs, with the option to configure the number of tiles for each one: 6, 9, 12, 16, 30, or 56.


Best Coloring Games


This game is designed for children of 2 and 3 years old, who can easily memorize 9 different colors: pink, gray, red, purple, brown, green, blue, orange, and yellow and each color is accompanied by 3 pictures of the same color. In addition, the names of the colors are in three languages: French, Spanish, and English and the pronunciation of each word is very sharp and clear.


Kids Coloring


This game offers 600 coloring pages, in different categories: animals and special parties. Among the animals that can be painted are cats, dogs, fish, rabbits; and for special holidays you can paint cards on Valentine's Day, Easter, Halloween, and Thanksgiving.


Coloring Princess game


This game offers 50 pages of different princesses, castles, beautiful dresses, hairstyles, horses, and gardens to color. Once the drawing is painted, it gives the option to share on Twitter, Facebook, or email.


Coloring Pages


This game is a book to paint, with 72 pictures of different themes such as love, summer school, and dinosaurs, but it also gives the option of making free drawings. Among the game's features is the possibility of filling an entire region, drawing with a pencil and eraser; undoing and redoing the last drawing or color actions, and offering more than 60 colors to choose from.


Touch Kitchen 2


This game presents its second version, which brings more guests to cook for, more tools to play with, and more foods to make better combinations. These new foods can be found in the fridge, there are also new fryers, juicers, and ovens. Something to highlight is that diners have more effusive reactions when trying what they are cooked




The object of the game is to fulfill the father's requests for food. For this, you can move, chop and fry, but the game also gives the possibility of creating your own recipes and obtaining new ones, by collecting 7 stamps.


Math Games: Multiplication Tables

Smartick - Learn Math


It is the definitive application to learn mathematics. All its activities and courses are made for children from 4 to 14 years old. Its exercises are interactive so it will be fun to learn math.


Multiplication tables


With this game the children will learn the multiplication tables, using the three forms of play: play now, the exams, and the tables. The play now section is structured by levels and in the exams section, you can find tests ordered by difficulty.


Multiplication tables


With this game, children will learn the multiplication tables, playing in 4 modes: adventure, study, math challenge, and duel. The game also offers puzzles and mathematical equations. The game also has a story mode, where children must give the results of a multiplication table, in a limited time.


Cell baby. Kids' games


It is a children's game aimed at babies over 6 months, with which they can learn numbers, animal sounds, and musical notes. Children can listen to the sound of animals such as the squirrel, the cow, the rooster, the cat, the dog, among others, and listen to all the musical notes and their melody. This game helps to stimulate different areas in children: the development of memory, motor skills, and linguistic possibilities.


My Boo - The Virtual Pet


Here the children will play with a virtual pet, to which you have to give a name, feed it, bathe it and dress it. They can also decorate the room and play various minigames such as Boo mix, Boo piano, Boo basket, memory, connect, and bubble Pop.


monster trucks kids


This game is offered for children from 2 to 8 years old, where they have the possibility to choose between 15 trucks to go through 42 levels where they can smash cars, collect coins, and burst balloons. The game has 5 different soundtracks, various engine sounds and also has 4 mini-games: balloon popping, memory cards, puzzles, and coloring pages.


Masha and the bear for kids


This application offers several games to children, so when they get bored of one style of play they switch to another. Within the games offered are: puzzles with large and colorful pieces, popping balloons, and taking pictures. This game develops visual memory, logical thinking, and movement coordination.


Princess Salon


Here girls can choose models from 4 different continents, and help them prepare for their show. To do this they can perform: spa sessions, makeup sessions, hairstyle sessions, choose dresses, and a variety of party items, including earrings, necklaces, and hats.


Games for children Shopping


Help Hippo Pepe to find all the items on the list, which Mother Hippo needs. For this, you will go to the supermarket and choose products such as fruit, vegetables, clothes, shoes, or gardening tools, but you also have to be careful with Father Hipopótamo and Pepe's brother, who are always looking to buy items that do not belong on the list.


LEGO® Juniors Create & Cruise


LEGO® Juniors is a game designed to offer children from 4 to 7 years old a Lego set so that they can create vehicles and Minifigures. It also gives the option to unlock new sets with a certain amount of coins and to overcome levels. The game has fun animations and an eye-catching soundtrack.