Do you need to see something great during confinement? These are the best movie news of the 2010's.

If you don't see a new movie in a closed night, there is a simple solution. Just review the movie news for the past ten years and find out the essence you may miss (you may be startled at yourself).

We can help you do this business. CNET's assembly staff voted on the best films of the 2010's, and provided large, bright and bright glasses in cinemas, as well as small-scale Indies, with open windows into other people's lives, so as to make us better.

You may not fully agree with this result, but at least this time, youth beat Birdman.

The following is the movie news of our top five films in the past decade.

1. Crazy Max: the road to rage (2015)

We started with the top film, which didn't win the Oscar for best picture in 2016 as many people thought. But listen, George Miller's fourth part in the crazy max series is one of the best action films ever. Tom hardy replaces Mel Gibson as the enigmatic Max and stands out as the core of the film: Charlize Theron as one armed friosa. In Miller's visionary post apocalyptic Oz, they tried to save "wives" from the tyrant "immortal Joe". The whole movie takes place in an absolutely crazy chase sequence. Its movie statistics are staggering: Miller used 3500 storyboards and spent 480 hours of original footage. He overcame 10 years of obstacles - re selecting roles, changing places and re creating (he explored the possibility of 3D real-life version), and finally realized high-intensity imagination madness.

2. Spider man: parallel universe (2018)

There is no doubt which film will win the 2018 Oscar for best animated feature film. Parallel universe boldly ignores the fact that we already have three movie versions of Peter Parker and launched five, which stole our hearts. They are derived from Marvel's multiverse. Producers Phil Lord and Christopher Miller skillfully make them less complex. They focus on the graffiti artist of miles Morales (decorated by shameik Moore) and the hip-hop appreciation version of Spider-Man. Morales and versions from other universes - including a strange and very funny cartoon pig Peter pork - fight the super villain "brain". More than 140 animators combine computer animation with hand-painted style to imitate the look of comic books. Unique visual effects, novel storylines, and a hug for the eccentric style of comic books make the first non White Spider man one of the best spider men.

3. Adolescence (2014)

Logically speaking, childhood is a miracle. In order to tell a story about Ella's growth, Richard Linklater occasionally filmed Ella coltland's little boys aged 6 to 18 every year for 12 years. His character Mason lives between divorced parents in Texas (played by Ethan Hawke and Patricia Arquette). The film may fall into the trap of the end of the film: first, what if the teenage Coltrane deviates from the acting path? But linclairt performed the best film he has ever made. In 2014, Arquette won the British Film Academy Award, the Golden Globe Award and the Oscar for best supporting actress. However, some people are still a little dissatisfied with the award season of youth. "Youth" lost to "bird man" at the best picture Oscar. This film is not so warm, but it is familiar. It is more like a technical and existential masterpiece. On this occasion, the people are talking.

4. Leave (2017)

Escape from desperate town is a modern horror film. The film perfectly combines horror, comedy and satire of racism. Funny places - or, in the case of terror, jumping scares - require precise timing. As a member of the comedy duo key & Peele, Jordan Peele is fully capable of doing both. His directorial debut has a terrible setting: a young black man (Daniel Kalua) meets the middle-class liberal parents of his white girlfriend (Alison Williams). They say how well they get along with their daughter's boyfriend. It's comedy gold... A delayed embarrassment. Pierre's exciting new voice brought fear, laughter and disturbing self reflection.

5. Lady Bird (2017)

On paper, Miss bird reads like a traditional growth story. It covers the usual milestones: losing your virginity, going to the ball, graduating. But between these two lines is an immature special relationship between 17-year-old Christine McPherson (Sylvia Ronan) and her hard-working but almost unappreciated mother Marion (Laurie Metcalf). She insists that everyone call her little sister bird. Greta geweg, the first solo director, wrote a love letter to her hometown of Sacramento and injected it with colorful comedy elements. "I wish I could experience something," said Miss bird with her 17-year-old narcissism. She has her own name. She says Miss bird's name is "I gave it to me". It is warm and happy. Sometimes she faces the exposure of puberty and is full of gweger's unique scenes.