Security is a major concern in any daycare. Daycare must have every safety measure to secure kids from any unwanted threats. According to  The National Center for Abused and Exploited Children, 421,394 children went missing in 2019 This figure includes family members, who make up a significant percentage of individuals who abduct a child. Security for daycare centers is one of those essential functions that you want to run in the background. Here are some security measures that you need to take in your Daycare Center

  1. CCTV Cameras

Cameras are useful to monitor all daycare surroundings. Whenever anything unusual happens you can look into the video. Some child care centers use cameras as a marketing tool because they can invite the parents to check into the live feed anytime they want to see their child.

  1. Automatic Sign in/Out

Most Daycare Management software allows automatic sign-in/out; this feature helps to record the details of people entering the building. 

  • Intruder Alarm 

If any issue occurs in a daycare, these alarms will alert the staff and authorities. Which helps in alerting staff immediately.

These security measures can surely make your daycare safe.